I swear I have a little gremlin inside that pokes me every time I don\’t get the results I want. And with this poke, all of a sudden I am back in grade school wondering why I was never the first person picked for anything.

Crazy! And common! All in one package. Funny thing is — or not so funny — people believe they are \”not supposed to\” feel this way. I am not saying we should just take this interior abuse. I am just saying we should stop trying to hide from it.

We are social animals and have developed biologically to care what others think. The people who tell you they are totally over this are either enlightened or lying.

The likelihood that we are going to entirely escape this emotional jab to the ribs is slim. However, there are potential solutions that makes this more bearable. I am going to give you three.

  1. Surround yourself with good people.
  2. Love what you do.
  3. Stay in integrity with yourself.
  4. By Dr. Kate Siner