What I think is funny is that when you are out there looking for advice you can find it every perspective imaginable. What one self-help guru says another contradicts. Basically if you want to believe something is true you can find someone who will tell you that your way of doing things is the right way. You know why this is? Because there is some truth in everything.

There is not an answer. There is just an unfolding.

Over this last week, I have watched my tendency to push. I am definitely someone who can get stuff done. But, what I have not learned as well is how to allow things to happen to receive the things that come my way. So, I thought I would write about it a bit this week and look at when to push and when to \”go with the flow\”.

I\’m sure you have heard the big names say it: In order to really make it you need to work harder than you ever have worked before. You need to push and push until you make it. Well, there is a lot of truth to this. It is also important to push in the right ways on the right things AND, sometimes it is even a good idea not to push.

So, how do we figure this out? When do we push and when to we allow things to be?

The trick is not looking for THE answer but finding your own next step.

Do you have a tendency to be a bit lackadaisical? Or, do you tend to be a work horse? Chances are if you have a default way of being then you need to practice the opposite in order to create more success and fulfillment in your life.

Signs that you push too much:

  • You find yourself irritated by people who walk slowly even when you are not in a rush.
  • You have focused on one portion of your life and disregarded others areas.
  • Your health has suffered because of your single minded effort.
  • You always want more than you have.

Signs that you do not push enough:

  • You have lost a relationship or work because you failed to take action.
  • You procrastinate and make excuses for avoiding certain tasks
  • You never want more than you have
  • You have years of lists that describe what you want to do and you have not done them.

Which ever category you fall into, see if you can find a way to move towards balance this week. Do you need to push or do you need to allow? Decide on one thing that can help shift your tendency and do it today.

By Dr. Kate Siner