More than 10 years ago, I remember having a conversation with my sister. She was in her 20’s and trying to figure out what to do with her life. I remember thinking about what I had learned about finding my path in life and saying to her that, “All you really need to do is what makes you the happiest.”

This advice can sound cliche but in truth it is all we really need to do and if we did it we would find that success and fulfillment are ours.

So, what really makes you happy?

Take a moment right now and look at the parts of your life that you are really happy with. The things you love, activities you love, parts of your work that you love. Write them all down.

Ask yourself if you would like more of them. If the answer is yes, how can you take one step in the direction of having more of them in your life.

by Dr. Kate Siner