Organization, healthy habits, down time and time to be your bad-ass self, all of it is self care.

But, really truly deeply self care is about self-love. Do we even know what that means? I personally think that it is a process, an unfolding. As we look at the parts that we are unable to love or that we outright mistreat and find our way back to a space where we can love them we naturally start to do more of the things that take care of us.

Three tips for self care:

Find where you are unconscious: Unfortunately, most of our life is spent walking around asleep. We go through the motions but don’t really connect in with ourselves or what is happening in the present moment. We are stuck in the past or the future.

Find the places in your life where you are on autopilot and your whole life will change for the better.

Take quiet time every day: Does it all seem like a blur? Well it will be if you do not find the time to stop, drop, and listen. Even 5 minutes a day of quite time will go a long way.

Ask yourself “Am I loving myself right now?”: Self-love like so many other things that are good for us are a practice. The more we practice the more we develop the skill.

Link the question \”Am I loving myself?\” to things like brushing your teeth and eating breakfast so that you can become more aware of whether you are loving yourself or not.

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by Dr. Kate Siner