One of the main problems we run into when we create something new is that we focus on what we don\’t want to see happen, so much so that we forget to get clear about what we do want. This is true whether we’re starting a new business, a new relationship, or a new habit. Inevitably, when we pay more attention to what we don’t want we’re not able to see what we do want and how we can achieve or attain it. Intention is a big buzz word these days – from yoga classes to business journals. Let\’s break down what intention is really all about.

Intention is:

  • The energy we focus on a desired outcome whether it be positive or negative.
  • Our conscious thoughts and feelings about an outcome.
  • Our unconscious thoughts and feelings about an outcome.

In essence, intention is the energy we focus on a particular outcome. As you\’ve probably experienced, how we use our energy can have a huge affect on what happens in our lives! Intention is also our conscious – and often times our unconscious – thoughts and feelings about an outcome. So, what we think and feel about what we want makes a big difference in our ability to bring it into our lives.

Even when we\’ve made our intention clear, sometimes we don’t get what we\’ve set out for. Other times, we intend for one thing to happen and something entirely unexpected occurs. When your intention does not match your outcome, pay attention. It\’s these moments that give us clues that something we\’re doing might be keeping us from the results we seek.

Often times, we have lots of unconscious thoughts that oppose our conscious ones. When this happens, we\’re unaware of what we\’re doing that creates undesired outcomes. Another thing may of us do is that we spend a lot of time ruminating on our negative intentions. When we do this, we can\’t see when possibilities to get what we want present themselves. This is because we\’re so focused on what we don’t want that we fail to see an opportunity to get what we do want.

The good news is that we can change how we use our energy. Getting to know ourselves better and building some new habits can go a long way towards creating the outcomes we desire. Here are three things that you can do today to help bring your intentions into being.

Recognize Your Unconscious Opposition for What It Is

This one can be tricky. It\’s pretty clear that we\’re not aware of what we\’re not aware of (duh!). So, how do we turn this around? In this instance, personal development work is the answer. When we examine ourselves and look for our blind spots, we\’re generally able to find them. Personal development work helps us see how our thoughts, beliefs, and actions might have created the “negative intentions” that have held us back. And when we\’re aware of our blind spots, we\’re able to change our thinking so that we can begin to see the things we did not see before.

Be Patient with Yourself While You\’re Building New Habits

A funny thing happens when we start using positive intentions. We may spend a few moments of each day focused on something we want to happen. And then we spend the rest of our day in our default mode – which is the same mode that got us where we didn\’t want to be in the first place. All too often, we get frustrated and assume that our effort to bring about our intention is just not working. What we fail to remember in these moments is that it takes time to set a new default. And, it takes more time than saying an affirmation three times a day. So, be patient with yourself. Anything that focuses our energy in a positive direction is helpful, but it may take time to see the big results.

Practice Creative Thinking

Our negativity limits our thinking. It stops us from seeing what we could have or could create. And, quite frankly, when we spend time focused on what we don’t want, we have little time left over to imagine what we do want. To counteract this, take time each day to come up with creative ways to bring more of what you want into your life. What solutions haven\’t you thought of? What could you do today that would be different and exciting? The point here is to practice thinking about what you can do and what you\’d have fun doing. Creative thinking is linked to positive thinking. And when you can do both, your dreams can grow big.

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