1. Meditate, contemplate and observe: You can’t be happy if you don’t know what is stopping you from being happy. Take time each day to focus inward and figure out what is going on.

2. Do something for someone else: We are most fulfilled when we can meet the needs or wants of others — not just when we meet our own needs. Giving back can help us be more fulfilled.

3. Learn to love something even in what you hate: There is always some way to find something good in what is most challenging in your life. Take a moment to see what you can bring to the things with which you struggle.

4. Change your perspective and learn to see opportunity: Opportunity is everywhere. Take a moment to see potential.

5. Eat REALLY well: You can’t be happy with a broken or struggling system. Find a way to get good food in your life.

6. Don’t settle: You know what is best for you. Settling is not a good way to create a fulfilled life.

7. Love what you have: Otherwise known as being grateful. If you can’t love it, see number 6 or number 3.

8. Do what you love: It is the only thing you really need to do and is also what will make you the most fulfilled.

9. Love what you do: See number 6 and remember — if you are doing it, you might as well find a way to love it.

10. Be a really good person: There is nothing that creates fulfillment like integrity. Be the best person you know you can be.

by Dr. Kate Siner