I’m an independent and individualistic person. And still, I have woken up some days to realize that I was living a life someone told me to live, and not one I decided I live. At the time, I didn’t know how to make my own choices for my life. And – more to the point – I was concerned that the way I wanted to live was somehow wrong.

I’ve come to learn that the fear and indecision I felt at the time was inevitable. To learn and to grow required that I don’t yet know.

To not know – and the feelings that emerge when you don’t know something – sets the stage for curiosity, exploration and change.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked a lot about how to connect with and express your personal truth. In the end, your personal truth comes down to choice! The choice to live your life according to your integrity. The choice to live your live according to your values, aspirations and beliefs. The choice to follow your curiosity and passion.

The truth is that the choices you make have a powerful impact on your life. Yet, your choice to TRULY LIVE YOUR LIFE has a greater net effect on your world.

When you choose to express your full self rather than some compromised version of yourself, you gain many gifts. Here are some of them:

1.     You’re more free and able to step into your success

2.     You’re healthier

3.     You have more to give and yet you don’t give compulsively

4.     You feel more fulfilled regardless of your situation

5.     You give people permission to be themselves

6.     Your life becomes easier

When you chose to express your full self, you inevitably feel happier. In turn, you’re less attached to the outcome of any particular situation. This is because your sense of happiness is your own. It’s not contingent upon what someone else decides to do, or to not do. Instead, you’re more at peace with how situations evolve and morph.

Further, being your full self gives you the opportunity to access your potential. And this frees up parts of you that you might not have previously known about. When you decide to tune into your authentic curiosity, your latent desires and abilities rise to greet you.

It takes a lot of energy to NOT be your self. In one way or another this shows up as stress. The more stressed you are, the harder it is to do the right thing for yourself. This becomes a vicious cycle that continually decreases your vitality and sometimes shows up as illness.

When you choose to be your full self, you’re full of life. You know your strengths and can use them to meet your challenges. This leaves you feeling stronger and not depleted.  The choice to be your full self also stops you from giving in ways that hurt you. You can’t hurt your self and be your full self. This is fundamentally because to BE YOU is to LOVE YOU.

Being your full self is its own reward! You feel better all the time. Even when you’re faced with life’s inevitable challenges, you have a sense of solidity and inner-joy that can not be snuffed out.  The life-affirming effects of this cannot be overstated!

By being your full selves you naturally give people permission to be their full selves. This is a permission that emerges through setting the right example. Conversely, the more critical you are of yourself, the more you hold yourselves back and the more inhibited people feel around you.

This all adds up to a very simple truth: that your life will be less challenging if you show up to it as your full self (which I’ll add is not always the easiest thing to do). Yet. when you express your full self and make choices that are best for you, living your life gets monumentally easier.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this piece, being your full self is a choice in each and every moment. Most of the time the choices we make are made unconsciously. But the more aware you become, the more conscious you are in each moment, the more you’re able to choose the perfection you already are.

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