You know what people have been telling me my entire life? That I need to hide my intelligence. I started hearing this when I was in third grade. Ironically, this is when my learning disabilities started to manifest so while I certainly wasn\’t feeling too intelligent , I would none-the-less hear things like “Don’t use such big words.”

As I got older it continued. While I struggled with time, dyslexia and spelling I was simultaneously told that I should dumb it down my ideas.

I didn’t know how to dumb it down because I didn’t understand how I made it smart.

When I started growing my business, I heard it all again. In fact, I still hear it! And, I did have a lot to learn about getting my message out there. That was the whole reason I went to school – so that I could clearly speak to people in a way that would help change lives and the world for the better. So, believe me I listened!

After I learned a lot about what I was doing to get in my own way, I arrived at a simple truth as a result of hearing what my clients said week after week. THEY LIKED THAT I WAS SMART!!! For them, my intelligence was why many of them were working with me.

So, what did I learn from this that I think might benefit you?

A few simple things:

We often have to leave behind what we know to learn enough to come back and use it in a new way.

NEVER, EVER, accept someone telling you that one of your gifts is something you should hide.

Listen to all feedback that you get to help you become MORE of who you are rather than less.

by Dr. Kate Siner