Today\’s tip: what to do on super-slow days.

Once in a while there are these days when loading the dishwasher is the most productive thing I can manage. (It may or may not happen on a verge of a big project I\’ve never tried before). Forget writing curriculum, planning workshops, or catching up on back-end stuff. I don\’t trust myself to do anything of consequence. In the past such days triggered an unpleasant mix of guilt and \”I\’m-a-failed-entrepreneur\” fear. Fun times.

Now… here is a simple strategy to a) make these days productive, and b) earn the bonus of avoiding guilt and self-bashing: Read. A book.

Most entrepreneurs have a list of books they plan to read \”someday\”. Well, that day is today. You can\’t sit yourself down and brainstorm, because you\’re too exhausted/scared/waiting for information/whatever. You don\’t trust yourself to do behind-the-scenes work for a client for the same reasons. You can barely tolerate the thought of interacting with another human being.

Time to sit down, make yourself a cup of coffee and open one of the better-written books on your list.

Don\’t rush into performing the exercises if the book offers any, as they often do. You\’ll have time for that later.  Relax and read.

Soak the ideas. Get some validation for stuff you already know. It\’ll surface later when you network, teach, launch.

It\’s time well spent. Or rather, well-invested.

A smooth running, successful business is within your reach and Marina Darlow of Vision Framework can help you get there with systems for time management, cash flow, project plans and more.

by Marina Darlow