We hear over and over that we need to stay physically active to be healthy but we do not talk much about needing to be physically connected to be successful. Guess what, its just as important!

Think of it this way. The more that we take care of our selves, the more energy that we will have to do the things that we need to do for our business.

The less we connect with our body the less we have to give to our business. Think about a time when you were really run down and then you ran into an angry person in a store or something. It was probably challenging not to get angry back or even escalate things. Now imagine a day where you have exercised, eaten right, and meditated. Same situation and you are able to handle it totally differently. Maybe even help transform the situation into a positive one.

In business, we are dealing with problems, conflicts and challenges all the time. And, on top of it all, it is our livelihood. We need to be sharp to be successful. So here are some tips (You likely know them so just take a moment to see if you are doing them. If not, then what might you change):

  1. Sleep enough and on a regular schedule
  2. Eat healthy and especially stay away from sugar and allergens
  3. Exercise regularly

  4. Drink enough water
  5. Do things that are pleasurable for your body: ie. massage, dancing, taking a bath