I am often surprised how few of my clients are clear when it comes to the difference between goals and vision. Below is an except from David Neagle\’s blog where he clarifies the issue:

\”A vision is a clear picture of what you’d like for your life or business.

When I was just starting out, my vision was pretty simple. I could only see a few things.

I wanted a boat and I wanted to buy property in Central Wisconsin for when I retired.

Some people have grander visions like a house in Italy or speaking on huge stages.

The key piece with a vision is that it is not about anyone else. It’s what you want for you; and it maybe hidden in your secret thoughts that you’ve never told anyone about.

A goal is a step toward that big vision.

It’s something you need to do that will take you closer to realizing your vision.

My vision was to buy a boat, so I set a goal for myself to double my income.

By increasing my income, I would be closer to having the ability to buy that boat.

Think of goals as the rungs of a ladder that leads to your vision at the top.

Keep in mind that as you take steps toward your vision, it may begin to change.

As your vision changes continue setting goals to take you closer to that vision, and when you see opportunities, always ask yourself: Is this taking me closer to my vision or further away?

Let your vision be your guide.\”

This periodic reassessment of vision is key. As you may know I am making some changes in my business and these come from a refocusing of my vision

When is the last time you gave your vision and update? I suggest you take an hour to walk, journal or do anything that gets you in a calm meditative space. Focus in on what You want for You. If your vision is in need of updating, you may have some surprises!

by Kate Siner