One of the things that I love about entrepreneurship is that it is a continual adventure. You never know what is around the next corner. Even when you think that you have it figured out the game changes.

It is not that it is any different than the rest of life. It is just a focused experience.

One of the things that happens is that we forget to see it as an adventure and we expect it to work out or get figured out or some other final state of order and control. This will never be the case. But if we embrace the journey and try to have some fun along the way we will have some wonderful experiences.

Right, but how do you do that when it seems like it is more of an ordeal than an exciting journey?

Well, first start where it is easy. Are you enjoying yourself when things are good?

As cliché as it sounds, have you stopped and smelled the flowers? What do you really care about and why? What makes you laugh and cry and think it is all worth it?

Then when things are a little more intense and the pressure is on, you can try not to label it negatively try instead to see what is happening as a challenge or even a game. If you can play with the events that come your way bad, good or indifferent they will be much easier to navigate.

Take a moment and brainstorms some ways that you can learn to embrace the adventure that is your life.

by Dr. Kate Siner