You might notice that as you begin to change your life, you will see changes in your relationships. Sometimes, unfortunately, change means some relationships will need to fall away, but the ones that do not – or the new ones – will likely get deeper and more fulfilling. For those who have not had the joy of being in a fulfilling relationship, I will spend a bit of time describing some of what you might look to foster in your relationships.

Of course, you are the final judge of what truly makes you happy and fulfilled in a relationship, but these might offer some useful signposts.

Open communication: Knowing what you think and feel and being willing to share it.

Trust: Behaving in a way that is trustworthy, fostering trust and being more trusting.

Respect: Understanding that the other person is an individual and should not be criticized for not being like you or any other person.

Love:I like the expression, \”Love is a verb.\” Healthy relationships seek to continually work to foster love through behavior.

Integrity: The understanding that each person has his or her won path and it is not loving to take them off their path.

Partnership: The desire to share life – its struggles and its joys.

excerpt from Life Fulfillment Formula: 120 Ways to Activate Your Potential

by Dr. Kate Siner