Today I\’d like to share one of my favorite tools that helps me (and my clients) be more productive than I ever thought possible:

Ladies and Gentlemen:
SIRI + iPhone Reminders app! 

(Note for Android users: you can try these instead: Astrid:
Remember The Milk:

I know it sounds almost mundane and not as fancy as the \”usual suspects\” such as Calendar and Evernote. However, this is the biggest mental-space and time saver I found to date. It allows us to follow the essential principal of productivity: allocate the RIGHT amount of time and energy to every task.

Why does it work so well?  
A) The task is now out of your mind and in a trusted system, that not only will store it for you, but will remind you to address it AT THE RIGHT TIME. Now it doesn\’t clog your brain with needless thoughts and worries and doesn\’t require any energy/mental space to remember it.
B) For me personally, writing stuff down creates some resistance. It\’s too much work! But when I only need to say \”Remind me…\” and assign a time, it\’s easy and doesn\’t interrupt the flow of whatever I am doing. This way, many more reminders go in, and subsequently more stuff GETS DONE.

Really, it\’s mind-boggling how much more productive thinking I can do since I stopped trying to remember every to-do.

I would like to challenge you to try it for a week, and tell me how it is working for you.

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by Marina Darlow