1. Embrace all of who you are:

Start your year off right and keep it going right by skipping your resolutions and heading straight for self-acceptance. Sometimes, the bigger changes come when we are willing to first accept who we are right now before trying to change it.

2. Pay attention to when and where you are happy:

If you want more happiness and fulfillment you need to pay attention to where it is in your life. Then deliberately choose more of it.

3. Take time to take care:

Self care is essential to you overall well being. Too often, it falls by the wayside. Make a point of regularly taking the time to take care of yourself. Check out #selfcaresunday on social media for great self care ideas from people all over the web.

4. Challenge yourself to be your best:

Find one thing (yes — just one) that you want to challenge yourself to get better at this year. Make consistent efforts to improve in this area. And remember that progress measured in inches is just as valuable as progress measured in yards!

5. Let go of the baggage:

What is not serving you? Whether it is old emotions or clothes that don’t fit free, yourself from what is no longer serving you.

6. Try something new:

Being a beginner can be scary but it is also where the spark of life resides. Bring in some novelty and expand your horizons.

7. Commit to the change that matters the most:

Is there a habit you have been meaning to change? Maybe there are several. Spend some time thinking about one are you can realistically make a change in right now that will have the most impact on all of your life. Then take action.

8. Check off a dream:

Your dreams are meant to be realized! Make sure that at least one item on your bucket list gets folded into your upcoming year.

9. Care More:

Are people grouchy or are you frustrated by some aspect of humanity? Well, what can you do about it? Make a point of choosing action instead of apathy.

10. Acknowledge those who matter:

Years go by so fast. It is easy to have time slip away and not to send some words of love and appreciation to those who matter. Create a regular schedule around showing your appreciation.

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