Do you know what the number-one reason is that people leave a job? It\’s not the pay. It\’s the relationships — or the lack of good ones — particularly with their superiors.

You might think that, with the changes in the economy, people might start thinking about the money first. However, this is not the case. This means it is more important than ever not just to pay your employees well, but to know how to make and keep them happy.

To do this, we need to know how to be good leaders of our businesses. How to communicate, delegate, problem-solve and bring out the brilliance of our team. Here are some important skills.

Communicate: Leaders need to know how to get difficult points across, listen effectively, and show appreciation.

Delegate: Leaders need to know how to give the people they are working with tasks and the power and tools needed to complete those tasks.

Problem Solve: Leaders need to be able to see the big picture and find solutions that are in everyone\’s best interest.

Brilliance: Leaders need to know how to give members of their team the license to express their creativity, make mistakes to try for a better outcome, and give them the respect they deserve.

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By Dr. Kate Siner