The cure for a really bad day can actually be shifting your focus because where intention goes energy flows. It may seem overly simplistic but many of the things that really work in life are just that simple. The real trick is remembering to do them.

What is intention?

Intention is a focus on what it is that we want to experience in the future. We set an intention to carve a path toward a desired end. We set an intention to help us hold, in the present moment, what is most important to us.

How do we focus it?

When we bring our attention back to our intention (meaning both the words and the feeling of the intention) we are focusing on our intention. It is this remembering to bring our attention back that moves us into the reality of our intention.

What are some ways we can do this?

  1. Write down our intention in clear and present-tense language.
  2. Connect with how the intention feels and cultivate that feeling.
  3. Create an image of our intention to help guide us.
  4. Look for thoughts, feelings, and experiences that support our intention.
  5. Spend time each day focusing on our intention.
  6. When we get off track, refocus on our intention.

What is the result of the focus?

When we clarify, focus, and refocus on our intention we begin to see just how powerful of a tool intention really is. We see that it is perhaps one of the most important tools that we can use on a regular and consistent basis to create the life we truly want to live. We truly understand that where intention goes energy flows.

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