There are times when we get a premonition or a gut feeling about a situation. Perhaps it’s a flash or an insight that shows us events to come.  Or perhaps it’s a feeling that what we’re doing leads us astray from what we truly want.

Sometimes we listen and respond to our premonitions and sometimes we don’t. What I want to explore here is why don’t we listen to ourselves? Why do we choose to tune out our feelings, intuitions and observations? And, if we made the effort to tune in, how could we listen to ourselves more effectively?

What I’ve learned through my work is that people have unique ways of processing information, though there are commonalities that run through particular personality types. I try to help people learn how to best hear, listen, and then respond to their inner-guidance.

All too often, we don’t recognize our feelings or sensations as inner-guidance. We might feel ill-at-ease or hear an inner voice express concern. Yet, somehow we fail to realize that we’re receiving crucial information from within and not simply churning thoughts or ill-founded worries.

You might ask: “once we understand this internal information as guidance why on earth would we choose to not listen to it?”

We generally disregard our inner-wisdom for several reasons. Most often our inner-guidance cuts against what we want to be true or how we want things to go. Sometimes, though, our minds are so cluttered with the details of our everyday lives that we cannot fully hear what our bodies are trying to tell us. It’s easy to lose sight of our deeper truth in the busy-ness of modern life.

To hear our inner-guidance we need to clear out our clutter. We need to clear it out from our lives, our minds, and our hearts.

Once we’ve made some space, we’re better equipped to tune into and listen to ourselves.  The truth is that the messages we receive from within are frequently direct and simple. They tell us: “Stop doing this or start doing that.” Our job is to focus and refocus on the simplicity of the guidance we’re getting and figure out how to align ourselves with that simplicity.

This skill is more of an art. Aligning and realigning with our inner-guidance takes an equal measure of finesse and surrender.

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