Are you one of those people who always wants to get it right? I am sometimes. Although less and less because I know it does not make me happy.

One sure fire way to be both happier and more successful is to embrace the mistakes –even to welcome them. Our mistakes are some of the riches parts of our lives. They inform us 10 fold what our successes do.

Expect things to go wrong. Even welcome them going wrong.

It is an inevitable part of everything that we do and every day of our lives. A huge block to our fulfillment and success is worrying about what might go wrong instead of strengthening our attitude.

In other words: How will you navigate the INEVITABLE challenges that will come your way?

A friend reminded me recently of the song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang –ok bear with me. Anyway, in this song they sing “from the ashes of disaster come the roses of success.” How might you be able to adopt this attitude for yourself? What would it take for you to be able to see your disasters as inevitable success coming down the road your way? How might this change your life?

by Dr. Kate Siner