It is very common for clients walking in my office for the first time to say to me that they feel trapped and they just can\’t seem to make the changes they know they want to make. They say they want things to be different but they just don\’t see how it is possible. Perhaps, you have found yourself thinking this way as well.

The bottom line is, whether you are aware of it or not, everything you have at this moment required you to follow a series of steps. Getting what you really want is no different. So….

The real question is, on what level can you make a change now? Regardless of the goal, or even if you do not clearly know what the goal is, there is almost always a step that can be taken to start the energy moving in the desired direction. This movement of energy should not be underestimated. It is the beginning — the first steps. Below, there are five steps to get you moving when you are feeling stuck.

First Steps for Getting What You Want

Connect to what you want: Don\’t worry about the specifics. Connect to the feeling of what you want, its essence, and how it will feel for you to have it be part of your life. Become as aware as possible of this feeling.

Look for a mismatch: Look for any part of your life that is not in line with this desire. Of course, the more closely related this part of your life is to what you want, the more powerful the action will be. But, anything, and everything, is helpful.

Do it: Take action. The more stuck you feel, the less you should worry about what the action is and the more you should concern yourself with making sure you do something.

Pay attention: Pay close attention while you do it. This is key. In order to make a positive shift in your life, you want to follow the clues. These clues are found in the action itself and the feelings and thoughts connected to it. In other words, the awareness you developed in the first step, when added to an action related to your goal, will result in insights. These insights are clues that will show you the reason the goal has eluded you for so long, as well as present opportunities for change.

Work with your insights to form your next steps. As you become more and more skillful at using this process, you will see more and more possibilities where you previously saw no way out.

by Dr. Kate Siner