Self-care is a privilege.

It is something privileged people get to think about and attend to. And, yes at this point in my life I am privileged to think about it myself.

I am grateful for that. But there is something more to it as well. At the heart of self-care is self-love and that is available to everyone.

And, the more we can bring that self-love into our lives the more that we can become who we want to become and create what we want to create. Even more importantly the more we can truly enjoy our lives –the good and the bad.

Self-Love is a birth right.

Does not matter where you come from, how much money you have, or how many resources you are connected to you always have access to the foundational self-care tool – self-love. Having, holding, and experiencing love in our selves for ourselves is the highest personal development achievement and the most basic stepping stone.

So, how do we get more of it?

Pick any area of your life where you feel angry, sad or any negative emotion. What is the circumstance that produces these thoughts and feelings? How is it that you have come to believe that you are wrong, bad, or unlovable?

Bring some understanding to this place where no love exists. How might a person find themselves in this situation? What might they struggle with?

Then bring some compassion to the situation. How challenging might it be to have these difficult emotions? Allow an image of yourself to come forward that represents this struggling part of yourself.

Now, bring some love to these confused and painful parts. Think of a time when you felt love. Spend a moment really bringing in the feeling. Now focus it on that image that you have conjured of yourself suffering.. Let the love infuse the image and feel the shift taking place inside of yourself.

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by Dr. Kate Siner