I work with clients a lot of time on their core wounds. Because when people are more aware of these wounds they are better able to create the lives that they really want. However, when you are smart, (like my clients always are) it is that much harder to see where your deepest resistance is because you can so often convince others that it is not where they are seeing it.

We develop our entire lives–our work, our relationships– in ways that stop us from knowing this tender part of ourselves that we are protecting with our very deep resistance.

Then when a part of our life stops working, when we are faced with ourselves in the form of another person or situation, we fight to keep the protection in place.

Those of us that have done a lot of personal development work might have sophisticated ways to protect ourselves. Those who have not done this kind of work will have a little less tact but in the end we are all doing the same thing.

We are protecting this precious and tender part of ourselves. A part that was at one point not cared for in the way it could have been cared for.

I wish I had a “solution” to this particular aspect of the human experience but I don’t. And really, that is not what it is about. This deepest resistance of ours is our ally in helping us unfold our lives. The challenges it creates are exactly where we need to keep looking to become our deepest and fullest selves.

by Dr. Kate Siner