I consistently hear from people that they KNOW that they need to work with me but they do not have enough money, time, or support to make it happen. When you decide not to do something because of limited resources, when do you know if it is a real reason and when is it just an excuse? I feel that this is a very important question to answer so that we can make the healthiest, most empowering decisions for ourselves.

So how do you know if it is the right time to take that leap, to stretch, bend or extend yourself to get something you want?

There are a lot of opinions out there on this topic. Some people will say if you have the slightest impulse to move in a direction then you should go in that direction. Lets think about this. If you have the slightest impulse to cheat on your partner –do you? If you have the slightest impulse to eat an entire chocolate cake – do you? Maybe impulse is not the only thing to consider.

The question I ask is \”What do you want for your life?\” Really want. I am not talking about what are you willing to wish for when you have a few idle moments. I\’m talking about what you want so badly that you are willing to work your tail off to get it.

Because if you want that amazing life, if you want things to totally change, you will get it.

You will see the change but you need to see it through.

You do not need to be without fear, you do not need to have the money, or the time. You need to have the commitment to yourself and your life. You need to know that you will stick with it. Because if you make this kind of commitment, NOTHING can stop you.

If there is something in your life that you want badly enough that you are willing to make this kind of commitment then yes,no matter what the circumstances, the time is now.

by Dr. Kate Siner