My upcoming book is called Apathy is Noxious: The power of giving a damn. I really like the way it is shaping up. The book is a step on the path to getting what I believe is the most important message: Care More.

After thinking a lot about it, I realized that if I could change one thing in the world. It would be to get people to care more. I believe that harnessing our power to care is life changing, world changing, and downright transformational on every level.

It might sound trite but think about it for a second. How often have you said to yourself \”I think that if I just cared more that would solve this problem?\”

How often have you thought, if that person or group just cared more then this problem would be solved?

Kind of interesting right? Most of us have found ourselves lamenting the lack of care that we see in another group of people. Maybe even sometimes getting upset because how much we care about something is getting in our way: We care about a person and they hurt us. We care about a cause and we see it fail our ideals. We care about an aspect of our life and we loose it.

Then it turns into blame. It must be someone besides us that is messing this all up, right?

What if I were to tell you, no?

What if I were to tell you that if you really cared about yourself and others that it would blow the doors off what you have been up to now calling your life.

The truth is that there is a place inside of you that is so full of love for you and for everything around you that when you tap into it you will no longer be caring because you are expecting an outcome. You will care because it is who you are.

When you look at an aspect of your life, you will know that it is not like that because you don’t have the right amount of money or because you couldn’t get the love of someone you were interested in but because you did not care enough to do what it takes to make it something different.

And that is something most people do not want to hear.

Because it means that they are both the problem and the solution.

So, look at your life, look at your relationships and your work. Are they the way that you want them to be? Ask yourself am I caring as much about myself as this other person, idea, or thing? And, am I caring as much about this person, idea, or thing, as I am caring about myself?

Is there a way that I can care more? What would I do if I was willing do care more?

Ask and act on these questions and, trust me, your life will change.

BY Dr. Kate Siner