4. Separate your homespace from your workspace.

Once you\’ve assembled a bunch of homey things in your homiest possible place, and a bunch of worky things in your workiest possible place, separate them like a Puritan chaperone dividing teenagers. Even if your office is 90 miles away from your house, some worky things will inevitably infiltrate your home—your job is to keep them out of your designated homespace. If you work in your house or apartment, you\’ll need to be extra vigilant. When you\’re not working, put all work-related things out of sight. Cover them with a sheet, if necessary.

By the same token, don\’t bring a lot of homey things into your workspace. Doing so will distract and confuse you. There\’s a reason service dogs mustn\’t be petted or played with when they\’re wearing their work vests: They need to be clear that they\’re on the job. But when the vests come off, service-dog owners must play with their animals in order to keep them from becoming exhausted and depressed. You\’re the same way: Having clear boundaries will help you work enthusiastically, then truly rest.

by Martha Beck