Whether you are an artist or an entrepreneur, it can be easy to fall into a groove and forget to play, explore and push your own edges. When this happens things tend to go a bit flat and we become bored, frustrated or half-hearted in our efforts. We loose the creativity and spontaneity that fosters success.

So when things get a bit grey, here are a few simple practices to inject some beauty and wonder into your life. You might be amazed at how taking the time to do one or more of these will allow you to return to your work with more focus, love and genius.

1. Take a walk. Look for new streets to go down. Extra points if it is dawn, dusk or late at night or if there is inclement weather. Go farther then you expected and suddenly your muse may join you. Listen to her conversation in the patterns of your thoughts and the things you notice as you go.

2. Leave an offering. A bottle cap with an owl on it, a human figure built of out twist ties, a flower, a quartz point, a scrap of paper that says “Please visit, I miss you.” Leave your offering somewhere where you know your muse likes to hang out when she is playing hooky from your studio or office.

3. Read poetry out loud. My favorites include “Demasiado Nombres” by Pablo Neruda and “Sunflower Sutra” by Ginsberg, but you know what your muse likes.

4. Set the mood. Sweep the floor, clear your work area and light some incense or a candle. Let your muse know you are expecting her.

5. Be unpredictable. Change up the hours you are working, stay later then you normally do or start at dawn. Surprise her by being there when she least expects it – it seems to please her.

K Lenore Siner is an artist and associate coach with Dr. Kate

by K Lenore Siner