If you are craving more meaning and a deeper sense of connection in your life, you will be aided by learning how to find your inner truth. Your inner truth is the part of you that knows what you truly need. It is the part of you that holds the deepest expression of who you are and is unconcerned with your personal egoic needs. While we talk about “how to find your inner truth,” your truth is never truly lost. More so, it is disconnected. When we talk about how to find your inner truth, we are talking about how to look and move within yourself and reconnect with that core source of you. Here are five steps to get you started:

How to Find Your Inner Truth: 5 Steps

Notice how you feel: One of the most important indicators of your inner truth is how you feel. How you feel helps you know what is true for you, what you are drawn to, and what decisions to make. To do this you need to know the difference between different types of emotion. Many people live in connection with their reactive emotions. These emotions are predominantly the result of prior experiences. While they inform us, they do not necessarily help with clarifying our inner truth. However once we clear these emotions, we get access to a deeper level of feeling that can help us know when and how to act as well as what is right for us.

Notice your affinities: Our deeper feelings help us see where there is resonance and alignment. Resonance and alignment help us see our affinities –what is it we truly like, love, and want in our lives. This builds off the concept that like attracts like. Who we are is also what we seek. We learn and grow in both knowing and living our own inner truth by recognizing where we have affinities and taking action to strengthen those relationships.

Express yourself: Keeping our truth to ourselves blocks us from knowing it more and being able to refine it. Conversely learning to express ourselves in the myriad of ways that life allows helps us know and develop our inner truth. Sometimes, as a result of the expression, we come up against opposition. This opposition serves as a further refinement of our inner truth. It helps us get even more clear about what we are all about and how we want to bring that to the world.

Listen to your heart: Whether you are noticing your emotions, your affinities, or the feedback to your personal expression, your heart is your guide to how to find your inner truth. The way your heart opens, closes, and feels helps you understand, in the most intimate way possible, what is true for you. When in doubt, tune into your heart and – no matter how far you have strayed – it will lead you back to what is most true for you.

Risk getting it wrong: There is no way to go through this process and get it right every time. Living your inner truth requires the humility to get it wrong and to try again. It is through this process – and only with this process – that we can truly uncover our own inner truth and learn to live it through the world. So, fail beautifully! And then do it again and again, and before you know it wonderful things will emerge.

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